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My Curly Hair Life

Hi there! I’m Sion Gergov, Curly Hair Specialist and Owner of My Curly Stylist. I became a curly hair specialist because I believe that having curly hair can be effortless and beautiful!

I’ve wanted to become a hair stylist since I was in 4th grade. It wasn’t until I graduated high school and was about to begin Cosmetology school that I realized I wanted to become a curly hair specialist. Growing up in a city where straight hair was very popular, it was difficult to find a good cut for my curly hair.  I dreamed of a career in which I could help people and a lifestyle that I could take anywhere. I’m a hair stylist by nature and a curl lover at heart.

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College in 2012, then moved to Vancouver, WA where I met a woman who specialized in curly hair. She had me read the Curly Girl Handbook which changed my life (for those of you who haven’t read it, I would highly recommend this book). I took my first DevaCurl class in the spring of 2014; That fall l I left the salon I was at and moved into my own booth rental chair. I had no clients and very little experience, but I was ready to dive in head first. The following spring my business took off. In 2015 I made the switch and became a full-fledged curly girl which has helped me relate to the struggles a curly girl experiences every day.

A little bit about me personally: I married my husband in 2008 and have had the opportunity to travel the world with him. We had our first little boy a year into my new career which was rough, but I love this new #momboss life. Health, fitness and candid photography are a large part of who I am. In my heart I am a complete curly girl, not just in my career but also in my life.

Since taking my first DevaCurl class my eyes have opened to a whole new world which has inspired me to show women that curly hair was not only beautiful, but it could be easy, manageable, and frizz-less. I have spent time and continue to spend time going to extra classes to learn about curly hair so I can be more knowledgeable for my clients. I teach them new techniques and about products that are available. I try to adapt the techniques I learn (straight or curly) to match my client’s hair, needs and lifestyle. I use Innersense products in the salon, however I am also utilizing products my clients use and need as well. I truly believe that each head of curls is different.

If you want to take control of your curls and achieve the effortless curly girl lifestyle, then click here to book your next CurlyCut. Appointments go quickly so book now, and I hope to see you soon!